146 Standard Equipment

2.0 RL Electric Outboard Motor with built in GPS 

Coast Guard approved Running Lights

Anchor lights

Electric Horn

Mini Console

Dual Battery Charger with Remote Plug Adapter

High Grade Marine Carpet

Port Front Corner Couch with under seat Storage

Starboard Front Corner Couch with under seat Storage

Port Front Arm Rest with Cup Holder & Storage

Starboard Front Arm Rest with Cup Holder.& Storage

Full Rear Couch with under seat Storage.

Rear Arm Rests with Cup Holders.& Storage

1 ¼ “Aluminum Rails

 Front Boarding Gate 

The  Ponder
The boat is designed to operate on Ponds, Rivers, Canals, Bays and Small Lakes.

The 146 Electric Ponder Special is specifically made for lakes that not only restrict against gas motors and the length of the boat but also restricts the width.  Even though this boat was designed for that purpose it also fills the needs of someone who just wants a smaller boat along with a more economical price point. 

Products Offered by Ponderboats

146 Electric Ponder Special