We accomplish this in several ways.  First we gave the boat a full 8 foot width a full two feet wider than our competitors. This gives you more usable space and more stability, contributing to the all over safety of the boat.

Our 25 inch Pontoons are the same size most manufactures use on their 22 foot boats.  The 25" pontoons contribute to the stability and safety of the boat as well as giving the boat a high flotation level, which in turn, allows the Electric Motor to operate longer on a single charge.

Our life time warranty on our Roto Molded Seat Base gives you years of trouble free boating. Our top of the line Marine Upholsteryand  adds to the comfort and beauty of a high end boat.

Our side panels are made of a product called D-Bon.  This product is fiberglass and aluminum sandwiched together giving you a strong dent resistant side. It also reduces any vibrations and noise that you get on other Pontoon Boats giving you a quiet comfortable ride.

A built in Dual Automatic Battery Charger keeps your batteries ready to go any time you are.  Just plug into any household outlet and the charger automatically decides which battery needs the most charge and distributes the charge accordingly.  When the batteries are fully charged the charger automatically shuts off.  If the batteries drain a little while sitting, the charger automatically turns on and charges them.  This feature guarantees that the Boat is ready to go when you are.

Our rails are 1 ¼ “ Aluminum, ¼ “ bigger than other manufacturers.  This ensures a stronger safer boat.  We also use 90 thousands thick Pontoon Aluminum, again thicker than our competition by as much as 20 thousands.  We do this to guarantee that our boats are the safest Mini Pontoon Boats available.

We believe that just because our boats are used on small waterways that is not a reason, not to build safe boats.

The mini side control console contributes to the usable deck space by eliminating a large steering console and captain’s chair allowing you to have complete control from the rear bench seat. You won’t be isolated from you guests; instead you are intermingling with them making for a great trip for everyone.

Our Electric Boats are powered by Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motors. Our standard boat Power is a 24 Volt System that is equivalent in performance to a 6 HP. Gas outboard motor.  A perfect choice for use on restricted Lakes. 

Our upgraded Power is a 48 Volt System that is equivalent in performance to a 9 HP. Gas outboard motor.  This power is for the person who just wants that extra power and speed.  Usually for customers that use their Ponders on larger lakes.

Both motors are equipped with a GPS system to tell you how far you can go on your remaining battery power, your speed, and much more.

Ponder Electric Standard  Equipment:

  • 2.0 RL Torqeedo Electric
  • Outboard Motor with built in GPS
  • Coast Guard approved Running Lights
  • Anchor lights
  • Electric Horn
  • Dual Battery Charger with Remote Plug Adapter
  • High Grade Marine Carpet
  • Port Front Corner Couch with under Seat Storage
  • Starboard Front Corner Couch with under seat Storage
  • Port Front Arm Rest with Cup Holder & Storage
  • Starboard Front Arm Rest with Cup Holder.& Storage
  • Full Rear Couch with under Seat Storage.
  • Rear Arm Rests with Cup Holders.& Storage
  • 1 ¼ “Aluminum Rails
  •  Front Boarding Gate
  • Port side Boarding Gate.
  • Starboard side Boarding Gate
  • Deluxe Fiberglass Control Console

About Ponder Boats

The Ponder has been designed to give big boat performance in a relatively small package.

The Ponder
The Ponder Small Pontoon Boat  is designed to operate on Ponds, Rivers, Canals, Bays and Small Lakes.