Power: 2.0 RL Electric Outboard Motor

Length: 14 ft. (Long enough and small enough for all kinds of boating.)

Beam: 8 ft. (Wider for great stability and deck space)

Draft: 11 inches. (Allows you to get to the beaches other boats can't get to)

Pontoon diameter: 25 inches. (Better flotation, stability and safety) 

Approximant weight: 1,200 lbs. (light enough to tow with most vehicles.)

The  Ponder
The boat is designed to operate on Ponds, Rivers, Canals, Bays and Small Lakes.

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The Ponder 

‚ÄčStandard Equipment Includes Twin Battery Charger, Battery Meters, Engine

GPS, Electric Horn, Coast Guard Approved Running Lights, Anchor Light, Stainless Steal Hardware, 2 SS Cleats and Tow Eye. Compare and you will see the value in this Boat.

Trailer Not Included Sold Separately. (Call 508-274-2320 For details)

2015 14 ft. Pontoon Boat.  The boat is designed to operate on Ponds, Rivers, Canals, Bays and Small Lakes.  With an 11-inch draft it can go just about anywhere. Its cruising speed is approximately 6 MPH. Run time on a single charge is approximately 6 hours at full throttle.

The boat is powered by a 2.0 RL Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motor which equivalent to a 6 HP Gas Outboard Motor.  The boat can turn in its own length making docking and maneuvering in small spaces a delight.

Our Mini Control Consul mounted in the rear of the boat frees up an enormous amount of usable deck space.  This gives the boat the room of much bigger boats.  It also allows the driver to be seated comfortably on the rear bench seat along with the opportunity to participate in on board conversations with other passengers.

Why electric? Electric is Enviermentally Friendly, Quiet, Vibration free, Smokeless, and Economical to run.  It is also very easy to operate taking away all of the nervous tension that exist when trying to dock gas powered boats.

This boat has been designed for Fresh and Salt Water use.

Go Cruising, Fishing, Hunting, or Exploring.  Have Fun on the water with this great Boat.

Trailer sold separately.  (Call 508-274-2320 for details)